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Nakhodka, as a city, is quite young. It was founded in 1950, when the workmen's settlement of Nakhodka got the  status of town. Since that date Nakhodka has started its historical development as a town and port. Now it is one of the most significant sea ports, an industrial and cultural center of the Russian Far East with the total area of 36 thousand hectares. The population of the city is about 153,000 people.

Nakhodka has monsoon climate which is influenced by the sea. The average temperature of the year is about +3, +4 °С. The warmest month is August (the average temperature is +20,5°С). The average temperature in January is –10,4 °C, in February it is 7,5 °С. 229 days of the year have the temperature which is above 0 °C. North winds predominate during the winter. South and southeast winds predominate during the summer. The average wind speed is 3-5 m/sec. The annual atmospheric precipitation is typical for monsoon climate. Annual sum of atmospheric precipitation is 740 mm a year. About 17 % of a total sum of precipitation falls in winter. The greatest sum of precipitations (about 60 %) falls in summer and autumn.

At present, Nakhodka is one of the largest cities of the Russian Far East. It is a modern industrial and cultural center with a well developed port and transport infrastructure.

The Nakhodka City District comprises the territory of Nakhodka city, the settlements of Vrangel, Livadia, Yuzhno-Morskoy and Beregovoy, as well as Anna and Dushkino villages.

The local government was formed and empowered in accordance with the Charter of the Nakhodka City District. The Head of the Nakhodka City District is the Principal officer and is elected for a term of five years. Since February 29th, 2016 Andrey Evgenievich Gorelov assumed the office of the Head of the Nakhodka City District.

The Duma of the Nakhodka City District is a representative body of the municipal formation, and it is elected for a term of five years. It is currently managed by Evgeniy Ivanovich Voronin.

The Administration of the Nakhodka City District is an executive and administrative body of the municipal structure. The Government Authorities include the prosecutor’s service, customs, federal and regional treasury service department, military commissariat, municipal court, bailiff service, tax inspection department, pension fund division, social insurance fund division, employment center, social security department, and territorial election commission of Nakhodka city.



Nakhodka is one of the largest transportation hubs in the Russian Far East. The Ports of Nakhodka help maintain relations with more than 40 countries around the world, handle over 50% of cargo of the Far East basin ports and about 13% of the Russian total cargo turnover. Cargo transshipment and storage in the ports are a key industry of the Nakhodka City District.

JSC “Vostochny Port”, the largest stevedoring company in Russia, operates in Vostochny port. Access roads and the Nakhodka-Vostochnaya railway station connect the port with the Trans-Siberian Railway which together with the Far Eastern ports have built up a unique transport bridge between Europe and Asia.

The main cargo of JSC “Vostochny Port”, hard coal mined in Kuzbass, is exported to the APR countries. The Commissioning of the Coal Terminal Phase 3 scheduled for 2017 will allow for an increase in cargo transshipment rates of up to 39 million tons per year.

Thecontainerterminal of “Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company Ltd.” (GlobalPorts Group) is one of the four largest terminals in Russia in terms of cargo turnover, with a total handling capacity of 550,000 TEU. The company’s production capacity ensures an increasing volume of the container cargo transshipment of up to 2 million TEU per year due to modernization.

“VSC, LLC” terminal provides for container shipment by sea in the transport corridor Primorye-1, which is a container line from the northeast Chinese provinces through the Primorye territory to the eastern China ports, the APR countries and the USA.

Big investors such as PJSC “Rosneft Oil Company” and PJSC “Transneft” have already been operating in Nakhodka for several years.

A specialized complex of modern facilities “Transneft”, port Kozmino, LLC" ensures 24-hour continuous operations with year-round navigation for oil acceptance from the Eastern Siberia, Pacific Ocean oil pipeline II and oil loading into heavy-tonnage vessels. The three key consignees for oil are China, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Two large stevedoring compa¬nies operate in Nakhodka port: JSC “EVRAZ Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port” and “RN-Nakhodkanefteprodukt, LLC”. JSC ‘'EVRAZ Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port” specializes in coal and non-ferrous metal transshipments.

“RN-Nakhodkanefteprodukt, LLC” is an operator of the oil loading terminal of the PJSC ‘‘Rosneft Oil Compa¬ny". The company, with a half-century history, retrofits its production facilities to ensure further development and an increase in oil product transshipment of up to 8 million tons per year.

Primary branches of the industrial complex are fishing, food production, metal works manufacturing and ship repairs. Products of Nakhodka’s large fishing and meat processing enterprises are well known both in Russia and abroad. These are the Nakhodka Active Marine Fishery Base, the Nakhodkinsky Meat Packing Factory and the JSC “Yuzhmorrybflot”. The PJSC “NBAMR” ranks second among the Primorye fishing companies and yields over 150,000 tons of fish per year. The meat packing factory manufactures a range of sausage products and ready-to-eat food, and is the first in the Far East to have assimilated a raw smoked meat technology. The annual production output of the meat packing factory is more than 10,000 tons. JSC “Yuzhmorrybflot" is the largest canned fish manufacturer in Primorsky krai.

PJSC “Nakhodka Shipyard” manufactures metal works for industrial and civil construction, renders ship repair services and performs cargo handling operations in the port.

The Nakhodka territory has a Free Port status, which offers special customs, tax, investment, and administration regimes.

Investors have declared their intention to facilitate construction projects in the sphere of chemical utilization of natural gas, port and transport in-frastructure. The projects include the construction of a multipurpose pro-duction and transshipment complex in Vostochny port for 20 million tons of export coal and a fertilizer plant in Nakhodka.

JSC “Nakhodka Sea Fishing Port” was among the first local companies to become a Free Port Vladivostok resident to implement its investment project for the port territory recon-struction and modernization to triple the port cargo turnover and increase the volume of handled container car¬go up to 176,000 TEU per year.

The Free Port status, proximity to the APR countries, and the position in transport corridor Primorye-1 provides Nakhodka with great opportunities for economic growth.


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