More27.12.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka has exceeded the goal set for the autumn call-up
More26.12.2016 0:00:00 Modern gym for mixed martial arts has opened in Nakhodka
More23.12.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka’s companies create a festive mood for locals on the eve of Christmas holidays
More21.12.2016 0:00:00 The agreement on investing into the complex construction on production of mineral fertilizers in Nakhodka was signed in the course of the visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Japan
More20.12.2016 0:00:00 Vostochny Port coal handling complex Phase 3 has become a project under the Free Port of Vladivostok
More19.12.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka has become a place for implementation of the largest investment project under the Free Port of Vladivostok
More16.12.2016 0:00:00 Transneft – Kozmino Port LLC has completed the construction of four water storage tanks
More15.12.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka vocal and dance groups gave a concert for Japanese guests on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the sister-city relations establishment
More14.12.2016 0:00:00 Delegation from Maizuru headed by the Mayor of the city Ryozo Tatami made official visit to Nakhodka on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of sister-city relations establishment
More13.12.2016 0:00:00 Boxer from Nakhodka Nikita Chirvon was included to the national team after winning at the Russian Championship
More12.12.2016 0:00:00 The Consul of the Culture Department of the General Consulate of Japan in Vladivostok gave high appraisal to the contribution of Nakhodka in the development of friendly ties between the countries
More09.12.2016 0:00:00 Vostochny Port JSC increased its throughput in November
More06.12.2016 0:00:00 The Nakhodka Volunteer Corps marked the Volunteer Day with seminar for newcomers
More05.12.2016 0:00:00 The Head of Nakhodka Andrey Gorelov congratulated staff of the Nakhodka’s Border Guard Service of the Frontier Department of the Russian Federal Security Service in Primorsky Krai on the 84th anniversary of its foundation
More05.12.2016 0:00:00 Dmitry Medvedev wishes good luck in the implementation of the construction of the 3rd stage of JSC Vostochny Port
More02.12.2016 0:00:00 The Head of Nakhodka: “2017-2019 budget remains socially-oriented”
More02.12.2016 0:00:00 South Korea is the absolute leader amongst the consignees-countries of the Russian coal through JSC “Vostochny Port” terminals for the current year
More30.11.2016 0:00:00 The proposed 2017-2019 budget was adopted in the first reading in the Nakhodka City District
More29.11.2016 0:00:00 Contest for the best New Year’s decoration of cafes, stores and beauty salons was announced in Nakhodka
More28.11.2016 0:00:00 Industrial growth of Nakhodka provides stable development of the city district
More25.11.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka secondary school №3 marked its 75th anniversary
More24.11.2016 0:00:00 Vostochny Port set a record of daily unloading of wagons in winter period in 2016
More23.11.2016 0:00:00 Production of Nakhodka’s company “Dobroflot” became winner of the “Priority of the Year 2016” national award on import substitution
More22.11.2016 0:00:00 The final in 2016 meeting of the Nakhodka Council for Small and Medium Enterprises took place at the city hall
More21.11.2016 0:00:00 The Head of Nakhodka Andrey Gorelov and director of the Primorsky Krai Administration Physical Culture and Sports Department Zhan Kuznetsov inspected the site for the construction of the covered ice arena
More18.11.2016 0:00:00 Winners of federal stage of the contest “100 Best Goods of Russia” were awarded in Nakhodka
More17.11.2016 0:00:00 The Public Chamber of Nakhodka calls on all citizens to take part in the charitable New Year action for kids
More15.11.2016 0:00:00 Business preferences of the Free Port of Vladivostok stimulate Nakhodka enterprises to invest in the city district economy
More11.11.2016 0:00:00 Nakhodka yachtsmen have achieved perfect results in sailing this year
More09.11.2016 0:00:00 “Vostochny Port” recorded systematic improvements in environmental performance for the first 10 months of 2016
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